Ovarian Cancer Recurrence

Recurrence is common in many cancers, and unfortunately very common in advanced stage ovarian cancer.   I knew I would face this again but had hoped it would be many years from now. Here we are, 3 years after surgery (2.5 yrs after treatment) facing this beast again. Ovarian cancer recurrence means this cancer is incurable, I will continue to get treatment for the rest of my time. Thankful for medicine and research 🔬   The last couple of years I have managed quite well, enjoying life with family and friends!  We've had 2 daughters graduate from high school and move on to their studies in university.  They  make us incredibly proud of the adults they are becoming. We've watched our youngest daughter, grow up so much and she's becoming quite a special kind lady! She has a passion for reading and has read the entire Harry Potter series (twice), and now is making me watch all the movies with her (her 2nd or 3rd time) I wasn't a big HP fan but have learned more than I'l

Happy Cancerversary to us

Today is our two year cancerversary. It’s a strange day to celebrate, considering how much sadness and worry it brought. It’s a day that will forever be etched in memory, not only for me but for my precious husband, daughters, parents, in-laws, brothers and sister-in-laws. I remember the conversation we had with each of them that awful night.   We were headed into uncharted territory but one thing we did know was we had an amazing team along with us. When one is faced with what seems the impossible, having love and support helps you get through. I’m abundantly thankful to still be here today and be doing very well. I know how fortunate I am to have come this far.   I’ve lost many friends to this horrible disease and I will do whatever I can to help spread awareness to others. Today, I will celebrate being alive and well.   Thank you to all who helped me get to this point. It was not an easy road but worth every single step.    

Treatment Complete

I met with my oncologist a couple of weeks ago, and after 22 months of cancer treatment I’m done. No more chemo, Avastin, constant bloodwork. I’ve struggled with creating this post. Usually the thoughts flow easily, but for this transition I don’t have any wise words of wisdom to share. I’m happy to reach this point and I am naturally anxious of what is to come.  I will move forward with strength and faith. I will keep building memories with my family and friends, preferably more grand adventures after covid. I will continue to raise awareness and help others. I will forever be grateful for the care I have received from my medical team in Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton!  Thank you to everyone who has supported us along this journey. We have been so fortunate to have such an amazing circle of family and friends carrying us through the dark days. Looking forward to many bright days ahead.


It’s a thing. I’ve had a variety of scans throughout life and I’ve managed through them. Having a cancer diagnosis certainly increases the chances of not great results. The days leading up to and after scans are tough. I have researched lots of support articles to try to figure out how to manage through these days the best I can. There are several tip lists with suggestions like keep busy, meditate, exercise, talk to others etc. Which is great advice.  While keeping busy and exercising, one still has thoughts running through their mind and I feel it's important to manage those instead of ignoring them. So here are a few thought responses I have when my scary thoughts roll in. “I have an amazing medical team that will help me through whatever challenge I face.” – this was given to me from a dear friend and fellow ovarian cancer survivor that has helped me a lot this year.  It brings me great resolve. “I will cross that bridge when I have more information” -

Awareness - Shingles

 About a year ago, I was in the process of getting life back on track. Well, I wasn't even aiming for a track but basically just trying to get one foot in front of the other. I had completed my 16 weekly chemo treatments in early September, so I had plans. I came out of the gate running so to speak. I started with a 10 km walk on Terry Fox day surrounded by many family and friends.  I eagerly signed up for the Stay Strong program at the YMCA, a wonderful fitness program now available to all cancer patients. It felt so good to be back at it.  In mid November, our middle daughter had a weekend basketball tournament in Quebec City. Who says no to a road trip with their two teen daughters? :-)   Our oldest met up with her BFF in Bishops and we got to shop and  visit the Christmas Market in Old Quebec with some of her teammates and families. It was a lovely trip!  The Monday after we arrived home, I took some downtime to catch up on rest. I was having some nasty eye pain but thought it

Happy October

We've had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful weather over the last few months.   2020 hasn't been the greatest year but wow the weather has certainly been nice!! Here's hoping the winter continues to be kind.   The Woods are back to school! It's a little different than last year.   Our oldest is in her 2nd year of university at Concordia. She had hoped to be living in the big city of Montreal but low and behold she is doing online classes from our home, much like the rest of Canada.   Our middle is in her final year of high school, going to school one day and working from home the next. Not really sure that is going so well, but more time is needed to let the kids get in the routine of things. Our youngest is in grade 4, and has been a bit draggy about going to school, not sure if it's the age or the COVID life adding to the sudden indifference of going to school.      Work has been nonstop. My husband along with all physicians are learning h

In Memory of Gram Helene

My precious Grandmother, Helene Isabelle Corey passed away a year ago today.  I thought I would write a little something in her memory to cherish.   Gram was widowed when she was just 46 years old with 12 children. She most certainly didn’t have a simple life. She made sure that her grandchildren were treated to the good life.   I cannot even imagine having 12 children and raising them, let alone having to raise most of them on my own. My husband and I struggle some days trying to manage the 3 we have. She did it, and knowing these 12 children, now adults, they would not have made it easy growing up. They all survived and managed to do quite well in life.   My memories of Gram begin quite early in life, she was my only living Grandmother and I spent many days and nights with her. She cooked up a mean hamburger and always had cookies and treats for us. Even as she got older it was important that she have some snacks available for the great grandkids when they’d visit.  Even if that mean