Hang in there and be kind

Well I had to weigh in sooner or later, so I chose sooner. This is a difficult time for everyone in our country and beyond. We are being forced to change our ways and be a bit uncomfortable for the time being.  It's understandable to see the upset and anxiety of many online and in public. But we need to keep our heads straight and support each other along the way. 

In the realm of things, there is so much more going on in people’s worlds. I am very concerned for many of my dear friends. I have a friend fighting for her life as cancer tries to take her over, another who is awaiting surgery for her cancer, some who just finished chemotherapy and have no immune system to fight off bugs. Another awaiting his chemotherapy. Imagine how they all must be feeling heading into this horrific storm? Not knowing how this illness is going to affect their treatments and access to the hospital. Imagine the little ones that have weakened immune systems that this could affect and our seniors who see…

Symptoms and Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Backpedaling a little here. I felt that I should share my personal story of symptoms before diagnosis in hopes that I could help someone. 

Ovarian cancer presents so vaguely and there currently are no reliable screening tests. None. This leads to late detection. Five-year survival rates for ovarian cancer found at stage I - 90%, II - 85%, III-39%, IV- 17%. Seventy (70) percent of women are diagnosed at an advanced stage. This is a big problem that I intend to try to improve someway, somehow. I believe through more research and development we will make strides and we have in the recent years, but we have a long way to go.  I have too many precious women in my life that deserve better. 

In the summer of 2018, I had some bloating and noticed my tummy popped out more than usual. I chalked it up to weight gain and my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). That fall I had slowed my running almost to a halt. I also had irregular menstrual cycles. By November, I had pretty much stopped my morning runs…

Happy 2020

Here's to moving on.  I've compiled a little video of snapshots
along the way of my changes throughout this journey. Happy that I can look back on all of it and be moving forward. Maybe kind of silly but it's part of my transition and healing.

Now that I've completed the chemotherapy regime I'm trying to normalize my life the best I can. The last 4 months since my last chemo treatment haven't really allowed me to get my normal routine back. I've had some infections and then a very nasty case of shingles on my face and eye that is still lingering.

Last week, I went back to work and it was a nice change of pace. I will work part time for now as I still have a treatment every 3 weeks and various doctor appointments to attend. I am so fortunate to have an amazing work family and a pretty awesome boss (my husband) and I really enjoy being back with them! 

I'm not the same person that left that office on a cold blustery March evening 10 months ago.  I'm frag…


A little over a month until Christmas! We had a snow day this week and I decided to dig out Christmas.  Our youngest was elated and enjoyed lugging the items up from the basement. The excitement of an 8-year-old at Christmas is the best. She set up the Christmas village and placed items throughout the living room with a sparkle in her eye. The other 2 teens helped out as well, not as elated but still helpful. The oldest did comment "Mom, it's only November 12th!!" 

I love Christmas! Last year, we worked a lot, decorated late, and had far too much last-minute shopping to do. This year will be different in so many ways.

We all don't know what the future holds for us, but I'm carrying a bit more worry about my future and what it holds for my family. It's been rough, the mind game is real and difficult to manage. I hope I get better at dealing with it as the days go forward.

Infections and muscle strains have thrown my 'back to running' plan all to bits! So…

Thankful and Overwhelmed

The other day,  we received a beautiful Thanksgiving flower arrangement that brightened my day, from a precious couple. We also received an email from this amazingly thoughtful, gracious, and brilliant pathologist who is helping keep us up to date on the ongoing research in the ovarian cancer world. He took the time out of his extremely busy life to send my husband crucial information. He's also taken the time to meet with him to discuss my situation. Unbelievable how awesome humans are.

The amount of love and support I have received and continue to receive has me completely overwhelmed. When I take the time to think about how so many people care so much about little old me it causes a mountain of emotions and waterworks. I am absolutely grateful for the outpouring love.  Many of whom are acquaintances, friends of friends, or people I have met along the way who also share this cancer journey.

I have no idea how I'll ever return the favours back.  I've written some than…

I won the jackpot...

When it comes to husbands, I won the jackpot. I know we shouldn't brag or be boastful but my husband deserves some praise. I'm not the easiest to deal with on the best of days but the last 6 months I've been a bit gloomy and cranky.  We have been through some trying times over our 20 plus years together.  Thankfully our relationship strengthens through difficult times.

My husband is so special to me and I would not want to be living this crazy life with anyone but him by my side.  It takes a special man to survive a household of 4 females!  We've had so many wonderful times together and we know we are so fortunate. 

He was  the first person told about my cancer diagnosis. My surgeon asked him how I should be informed, and he said she should be the one to tell me but he wanted to be with me.  Having him by my side during those moments made me feel like I wasn't alone, and it hasn't changed since.  He attends every appointment and chemo treatment he can. He bring…

Good results!!

My chemo treatment was completed last week. This week I had my ct scan and met with my oncologist in Saint John. My husband and I had a few scenarios we were prepared for. So little control for such a big piece of your life.

The ct showed appropriate response to chemo with one small spot that they will watch.  No more chemo!  I will continue to have a maintenance therapy drug called Avastin, every 3 weeks via IV. 

Best news I've had in a very long time. I cried tears of joy tonight on my drive home as this sunk in. Oh how good it feels to cry tears of joy instead of the sad tears I've had for months.

Thank you for all of the prayers, positive thoughts ,and messages. They truly help and we appreciate your support.

I am exhausted and must get some much needed rest, it's been a long day!